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Standard Plan


Air Conditioner Services: Ensure your AC runs at its peak with our comprehensive services. From a thorough Gas Level Assessment and Deep Cleaning Service to a meticulous Thorough Unit Cleaning, we cover it all. Our AC Jacket Service prevents spills, and our Functionality Check guarantees a trouble-free cooling experience.

Refrigerator Services: Keep your refrigerator in top shape with our expert services. We offer a meticulous Coolant Level Check and Condenser Coil Cleaning to enhance efficiency. Our Interior and Seal Inspection, Defrost System Evaluation, and Temperature Calibration ensure your fridge maintains the perfect temperature for your food items.

Washing Machine Services: Optimize your laundry routine with our Washing Machine Services. We inspect the Drum and Agitator, perform Filter and Pump Cleaning, and conduct a Belt and Motor Check. Our Program Calibration ensures accurate cycles, while Leakage and Seal Examination prevent water seepage, ensuring smooth operation.


Air Conditioner Services –

  1. Gas Level Assessment : Comprehensive examination, gas level assessment, and detection of necessary repairs.
  2. Deep Cleaning Service : Includes cleaning of filters, coil, fins, drain trays with foam and powerjet after covering AC.
  3. Thorough Unit Cleaning : Unit opened for thorough cleaning with a powerjet when easily accessible.
  4. AC Jacket Service : Installation of an AC Jacket to prevent spillage during service and post-service cleanup.
  5. Functionality Check : Ensuring proper function by checking pipe blockage and drain tray leakage at the end of service.

Refrigerator  Services –

  1. Coolant Level Check : Thorough examination and assessment of coolant levels to ensure optimal refrigerator performance.
  2. Condenser Coil Cleaning : Deep cleaning of condenser coils to enhance cooling efficiency and extend the lifespan of the refrigerator.
  3. Interior and Seal Inspection : Examination of the interior, including shelves and drawers, and inspection of the door seals to maintain proper temperature and energy efficiency.
  4. Defrost System Evaluation : Assessment of the defrost system to prevent ice buildup, ensuring consistent cooling and avoiding potential malfunctions.
  5. Temperature Calibration : Calibration of temperature settings to guarantee accurate cooling and preservation of food items.

Washing Machine  Services –

  1. Drum and Agitator Inspection : Thorough examination of the drum and agitator to ensure proper rotation and functionality.
  2. Filter and Pump Cleaning : Deep cleaning of filters and inspection of the pump to prevent clogs and maintain optimal water drainage.
  3. Belt and Motor Check : Inspection of the belt and motor to ensure proper functioning and to address any issues affecting the washing machine’s performance.
  4. Program Calibration : Calibration of washing programs to ensure accurate cycle times and efficient use of water and detergent.
  5. Leakage and Seal Examination : Inspection of the washing machine for any signs of leakage, and examination of seals to prevent water seepage during operation.


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